what an eventful week

8.23.2009 18:29 Posted by Amanda
Tuesday- birthing class. We practiced pushing and different positions that help with the labor process and managing pain. It was a long class and some of the positions hurt my knees, so I will not be using those during labor. Next class is on postpartum care.

Wednesday- I hadn't felt the baby move since 9 am and it was about six, so I went to the hospital and got hooked up to a bunch of monitors. After about 10 minutes the nurse comes in and asks me if I am feeling those contractions. I was really confused and asked her what contractions. apparently I had been having some very big contractions really close together. Needless to say I got hooked up to an IV, had a catheter put in to get a sample and then it was taken out. Then I got three shots to stop labor, which it did, thank goodness. I was able to go home and sleep. WOO HOO

Thursday- Chris came home from work and told me that he made SSGT, which he thought he wasn't going to make. That was very exciting and I could tell he was excited because by about 11am he was still up. I was having contractions between 4-6 minutes apart for about an hour and we decided that I should go back into the hospital. So three shots and 5 hours later I was released to go home with a prescription for medicine to stop the contractions if I have them again. The only reason we knew I was having contractions was by feeling my belly with our hands, otherwise I probably would have continued to have them and not notice.

Since then I have had a few contractions but was able to stop them.

Looking forward to being on bedrest, NOT! but it is for the best. My baby is not coming yet. I will shove a cork in it if I have to (wish that was possible).

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