34 weeks and counting!

8.11.2009 20:52 Posted by Amanda
So today I hit the lovely 34 weeks mark. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and they will be checking my blood sugar since last time it was a little too high. Hopefully it will all end up being okay. 

We had our second day of parenting class and it went well and we got out early, which I am sure Chris appreciated. We watched a vaginal birth and a c-section (from the side the doctors see) it was interesting. I had to sign a release stating I watched the video and that Chris could be in the room if I ended up having a non-emergency c-section. In order for that to be okay he had to watch the video as well.  We we also told that almost every woman poops during labor, which most labor and delivery nurses are very happy about because it means the baby is coming. I thought it was pretty gross. Who wants to have a bowel movement while having to push something so big out of something so little? If this happens during birth I prefer not to know. We also learned about pain management and what medicines are out there for us to use, if we would like. I am still hoping to be able to have a natural birth. An epidural is not on my agenda, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE MY LEGS! We also discussed contractions and when to come into the hospital. I am not nervous or anything, which is what I thought would happen with attending these classes. 

Next week is pushing! We get to roll around on the floor! 

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