A new life

9.21.2009 09:52 Posted by Amanda
Saturday, August 29th at 9 pm I was sitting on the couch and got up to go to the bathroom, next thing I know, as I stepped over Chris -who was laying on the floor- my water broke. We then headed to the hospital. The tem minute ride there was the longest ten minutes of my life. I was so afraid my little girl was going to have to be shipped to Oklahoma City for the NICU since she was coming 4 weeks early. No matter how hard I tried not to cry I couldn't help it. I was so worried. If she had to be taken to the NICU in OKC Chris would have followed her and I would have stayed in the hospital in Altus. I had no family here because my mom wasn't due to show up until the 18th of Sep. As I walked into the hospital, people stared at me. I had a trail of water following me and my pants were soaked. I finally made it up to the hospital room and got hooked up to the monitor. I was having mild contractions. They checked me and said they thought they felt baby's head but then the doctor comes in with a ultrasound machine to check. She couldn't tell if her head was what was wedged in my pelvic bone so she had to check up by my ribs and sure enough Skye's head was still up there so that meant a c-section for me. As I layed there with my mom on the phone I started to feel sick. I was facing a major surgery. My mom switched her plane tickets and was due to show up late Sunday night. At around 11:30 they took me to the OR to get me all drugged up. I am laying there and can't feel anything from my chest down, they had me on oxygen and then Chris walked in and sat next to me and held my hand. I was so scared. They cut me open and pulled and pulled and finally she came out and cried. I was so happy to hear her first wail. Chris held her by my face so I could see her. Right before they left he went to put her up to my face so I could kiss her, but I said no cause I am going to throw up and sure enough I did right as they had turned around. Then Chris went with the baby and the nurse to go get her weighed and measured and stuff as I was left to get stitched up and monitored for a little bit. I finally made it up to my room and was starving. She was the most precious thing I have ever seen. Holding her for the first time was amazing. I saw what God can truly do. It was a miracle. Chris said he cried. I had to wait until until 6am for medicine and I was in pain. I never thought I would have to have a c-section, but I was happy my baby was safe and healthy. She was born August 30th at 12:57 am. She weighed 5lbs 14oz and was 19in long.

Now It has been three weeks since she was born and I have the most amazing daughter. She is so sweet. She sleeps most of the time and sometimes her dad can get her to smile. She is a handful as anytime I go to do anything for myself (shower, use the bathroom, eat, etc) she cries. She wants all the attention. She is my miracle and I love her so much. She weighed 6lbs 4 oz on the 15th and was 19.5 in long. She had jaundice so she had to be hooked up to a biliblanket for a week then now she hyperventilates so she is hooked up to an apnea monitor for a month. I love my little girl so much.

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