Week 33. First birthing class.

8.04.2009 20:36 Posted by Amanda
So today I hit 33 weeks and measure 9 toilet paper squares around. At 29 weeks I was 8 toilet papers squares.  I am continuing to lose room.

My classes started tonight and it was long. They talked about preterm labor and some complications that can happen. Some women were really fraking out! Talked about an epidural as well. I am still planning on natural birth though. Chris says I will have an epidural though. I told him I know what meds are out there and if I want them I will ask for them, but until then I am going all natural. He just doesn't get it, he said if you can relieve the pain and not have to go through that, then why not? I just want to be able to walk, go to the bathroom, etc after the baby is born. I do not want to have jello for legs. I want to be able to say I did it!!! It is something I want to accomplish. This was an unplanned pregnancy, I at least want something ot go according to plan. It wasn't very scary at all. If I end up having a premie she will most likely have to be shipped to Oklahoma city which is 2hours and 30 minutes away, while I would have to stay in Altus. Hopefully that doesn't happen. Chris would follow the baby in the truck so that he could be with her.

We got to tour the hospital and see where the labor and delivery room was and where they perform c-sections. It is a very small hospital so there is not a whole lot of room. 

All in all, I am looking forward to the next class and getting another week closer to meeting my baby girl!

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