My First Deployment

7.12.2010 00:59 Posted by Amanda
Heck this really sucks, here I am in Alaska and Chris is still in Oklahoma hanging out with friends. He hasn't left yet which makes it ten times harder knowing he is still stateside. :(

I am scared to death of "letting" my best friend go so far away for a long time. He is my better half. I am afraid he will not be the same when he returns or that he wont return at all.

I am so proud of him though for going to fight for our country. He is an awesome dad and an amazing husband.

I get worried that it will not be the same and that he will come back a completely different person.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Too bad you couldn't be a faithful wife and you lied to everyone including the military bc of it! How about you stay away from military men so you don't get anyone else in trouble!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    agreed with the person above. sad too see how many wives got hurt because of you being a slut.

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