My birthday

7.24.2009 22:12 Posted by Amanda
Today I awoke to Chris saying happy birthday. He wanted to be the first to say it. Then I got a sweet card which made me cry.  The card said 
     I'm in love with you! There I was - one minute getting to know you, enjoying you, and wondering where it would all lead... and the next, thinking about you all the time, knowing that I never, ever wanted to be without you! I guess that's the way life is. You're going along doing your everyday things, and out of the blue, life surprises you with something amazing - something you had no idea how much you wanted. That's what you are to me, you know, an amazing gift... Falling in love with you is something I couldn't stop, even if I tried. What I'm trying to say is - you're "it" for me, now and forever.

Then he wrote on the card " Baby I love you so much. You and baby Skye are all I ever want in this world. Muah, have a happy birthday.

I read this and balled my eyes out. He also got me a cookies and cream ice cream cake because you can't have a birthday without cake. The entire day he took care of me, asking if I needed anything. 

I also received a box in the mail which was perfect timing, it cam on my birthday. It was from my mom. I got books for the baby, but one in particular stood out. The belly button book. My belly button has always been my so called security blanket and this book just made me laugh. I love my family so much. 

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